Rylie Elvers

Rylie Elvers

Graduate Student

Hi, my name is Rylie. I grew up in the country near the village of Rudolph, WI. Growing up in the country exposed me from an early age to agriculture and conservation. That interest in agriculture led me to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree at North Dakota State University in Microbiology from Fall 2018 to Spring 2022. During my undergraduate program,  I was fortunate to work as an undergraduate research assistant where my appreciation grew for the complexity of microbial communities, specifically in the soil microbiome. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree, I decided to stay at NDSU to continue to study the interactions between microbes within the soil microbiome, particularly studying keystone taxa under abiotic stresses such as salinity. When I’m not in the lab, I love to travel, hike, read and hang with friends and family.

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