May 2022

Rylie has been awarded the 2022 Funke Medel of Excellence. This medel recognizes the best all-round student in the Microbiology program. Congratulations, Rylie!

January 2022

We welcome Debarshi Dasgupta to our lab. Debarshi’s work is supported by the DEQ 319 project that explores microbiome management and nutrient-use efficiency.

November 2021

Graduate students presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the North Central Branch of American Society for Microbiology. Lennel got the 2nd place for his poster presentation and Debdutta got the third place for her oral presentation. Congratulations!

July 2021

Sakshi Paudel has received a graduate student research grant from North Central SARE. Well done, Sakshi!

June 2021

Our lab has received funding from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to investigate how soil microbiomes can be managed to improve fertilizer-use efficiency and groundwater quality in agricultural systems.

February 2021

We welcome Sakshi Paudel, a new graduate student from Nepal. Sakshi will be working in the ND Agricultural Microbiome project.

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